What is the difference between
Miami and Miami Beach ?

Washington ave. and 17th St Miami Beach   by Ed Melo

The main points in Miami are: Downtown, Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove, Brickell and North-Miami-Beach), these places are all on the mainland.

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Miami Beach is the long island alongside the east coast, its most popular areas are: South Beach, Sunny Isles and Bal Harbour).
Many people confuse these two cities, they both belong to the Dade county.
Nevertheless, they are independent from each other with their own territories and governments.

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South Beach is the south part of the island, its most famous streets are: Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue and Lincoln Road.
SOBE or South Beach is an area of international fame, visited by many artists, atheletes, politicians and intellectuals from all over the country and the world.

The picture above is from the corner of Washington Avenue, facing north, and 17th Street in South Beach.

Washington Avenue is a very busy street, this picture was taken on a Sunday, there is a lot of action going on there every day.
If you are lucky you could even take a picture with a movie star or a celebrity passing by.

Dade county offers to the tourists and locals all kinds of attractions, here are some of them in alphabetical order:
Tours from A to E , Things To Do from F to P , Sightseeing from Q to Z
and Beach Tours.


Landing in our city is like arriving at several countries at the same time.
MiamiDade county has many communities that have not lost their own unique characteristics.
A mosaic of nationalities: Cuban, Colombian, Brazilian, Dominican, Argentinian, Guatemalan, Venezuelan, Honduran, Hatian, Mexican to only mention a few.
They offer the most genuine of their cultures.

Hi,I am Ed Melo.
I have been living and working with tourists in MiamiDade county for many years now and I have seen everything and I know everything that the city has to offer.
One day, my best friend, showed me his collection of Miami postcards and pictures from early 20th century.
I was impressed, he had been collecting all these things for many years.
We came up with an idea.
To make a web site uniting my expertise about the county and his knowledge about collectibles.

We want to give you the best information about our city and show you how the county looked like in the beginning of the 20th century, in other words, we want to show you the past, the present and if possible the future of our city.

Through our web site you will receive the best information of how to enjoy your stay in our city.
We guarantee you will save time, energy and money at the moment of making decisions.

It's our interest to facilitate you with the direct way to obtain advantages when it is time to select the hotel, restaurants, the attendance to events and the benefit of beaches and parks, as well as to enjoy music and the dance in the nights of our city.
In that sense we will make available to you the fastest and safest routes to arrive at the interesting places to make the tourism that you desire.

In our city there is a great variety to choose from between the pure anglian taste, the flavors of the Caribbean, the South American atmosphere and most exotic than it is possible to be imagined of the Eastern world.
We invite you to interchange opinions by sending us your questions, contributions and suggestions, of which we will be thankful.

MacArthur Causeway 1920

This is a postcard from 1920.
This highway was named MacArthur Causeway in 1942,after General Douglas MacArthur(He was a brilliant commander that fought in three major wars:World War I, World War II and Korean War).
It links downtown to South Beach and it passes over a few islands, including Watson Island, Palm Island, Hibiscus Island and Star Island.

MacArthur Causeway 1920

This is how the highway looks like today.
There is no need for a draw bridge anymore,now the bridge is high enough for the boats and ships to pass under it.
This picture is from the left side of the bridge.

MacArthur Causeway 1920

This picture is from the right side of the bridge.

MacArthur Causeway at night

This picture is from the Beach looking towards Miami at night.


Ed Melo in Miami


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I would like to thank my friends from around the world for your support,specially from:
US, Canada, Austria, Seychelles, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany and Italy.

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