Attorney Immigration Miami

Attorney Immigration Miami
Green card application and adjustment of status.

If you are married and living in the U.S. you need to apply to your local USCIS office for a green card. The process of getting a green card is called adjustment of status.

It involves paperwork and an interview.
You will prepare an adjustment of status packet (forms, documents, fees, medical exam and more). After filing the adjustment of status packet, you'll wait about three months for fingerprinting and about three more months for an interview.
At or soon after the interview, you should be approved for residency.
Applying for adjustment of status will give you some rights, you can remain in the U.S. while USCIS works on your application and you can get a work permit.

1- Your spouse must prove to the USCIS that he/she can support you if necessary.
Affidavit of support form I-864 or I-864EZ.
2- Copy of your sponsor's federal tax returns (IRS transcript) for the last year.
You can request it at
You must include copies of your sponsor's W-2s, which are small print-outs showing total earnings over the last year.
If the IRS transcript hasn't come yet, use your sponsor's personal copies.
You can always bring the transcript to your interview.
3- Letter for proof of your sponsor's employment (describing dates of employment, nature of the job, wages or salary, time worked per week, and prospects for advancement).
Copies of pay stubs, last six months.
Business license if you have it.
4- Proof of your sponsor's assets and their valueFor cars you can use the value listed in the Kelley Blue Book (
5- The asset-owner must document the amount of any debt remaining, if no debt remains, submit proof of the final payment.
6- Copy of your passport, visa and I-94 card.
7- Fees.You can write one check or money order to cover everything.

Attorney Immigration Miami
Checklist for Adjustment of Status Packet.
1- A copy of the approval notice form I-130
2- Form I-130 itself.
3- Form G-325A one for each.
4- Form I-485 Application to Adjust Status.
5- Form I-693 Medical Exam.
6- Form I-864 Affidavit of Support.

With documents:
A copy of your sponsor federal income tax returns for the last three years with W-2s.
Proof of your sponsor current employment.
A list of assets of both.
7- Form I-765 Application for Employment Authorization.
8- Proof you are eligible to use the adjustment of status procedure.
9- A copy of your birth certificate, with certified translation.
10- Two Photos
11- Fees

Attorney Immigration Miami
Submitting the Adjustment of Status Packet.

You send your packet to an office in Chicago.
Your interview will be handled by your local USCIS office.
Once they accept your packet, they will put you on a waiting list for an interview.
They will also send you a receipt, that contains your A-number.
You will also receive a separate receipt notice for your form I-765 application for work permit.
Call the number on the notice and schedule an appointment at your local USCIS office.
At the appointment they will take your biometrics (photograph, fingerprint and signature ).
After a few weeks they will send you your work permit, that is good for one year.
It can be renewed if you haven't been called for your interview yet.
After you submit your packet you will wait many months.
If you move you have to tell USCIS in a letter to the same address you sent your packet.
Also file form AR-11 with your change of address, it is the law.

Attorney Immigration Miami
Form I-131
You could travel while waiting for your interview.
Advance Parole is an advanced permission to leave the country.
If you spent time unlawfully in the U.S. you should not leave.

Attorney Immigration Miami
Fingerprint Appointment.
About nine months after submitting your packet, you'll get an appointment for fingerprinting.
Your fingerprints will be reviewed by the F.B.I.

Attorney Immigration Miami
Preparation for your adjustment of status interview.
You will wait several months for your interview, when the appointment letter comes it will give you a date only about two weeks away.

You two should combine as many aspects of your life as possible like:
Bank accounts, insurance, utility bills, club membership, ownership of cars, houses and other kind of property.
Save contracts receipts and all kinds of documentation to take them to your interview.
Assemble documents for your interview.
Bring your passport, you could be approved to residency on the day of the interview.This way USCIS can stamp it on the spot.
Original documents and all USCIS permits.
Assemble the originals of the documents you used to enter the U.S. and any other documents you've received from the USCIS.
Bring the original of all documents.
Update the material in your application.
If you or your spouse changed jobs bring a letter from the new employer and recent pay stubs.
If you and your spouse have reached the two-year anniversary of your marriage since filling the application, remind the officer of this, so you will be approved for permanent residency, not conditional.

Attorney Immigration Miami
Proof that your marriage is real.
1- Leases or mortgages.
2- Utility bills in both your names.
3- Joint bank statements.
4- Joint credit card statements.
5- Joint life or health insurance.
6- Auto registrations showing joint ownership.
7- Joint club memberships.
8- Receipts from gifts that you purchased from one another.
9- Letters and cards from family and friends.
10- Photos taken from before and during your marriage, including the wedding.
The documents that you show are important factors in the decision.

Bring to the adjustment of status interview.
1- Photo ID.
2- All documents original and copies.
3- Updates to material in the application.
4- Proof that your marriage is real.

Green card for your children if they are unmarried and under 21.
Form I-130
You will need to fill out a separate visa petition for each child.
Your children don't need to fill out form G-325A, nor they need to include their photos.
Include copies of your marriage certificate and copies of the children's birth certificate and passport.
You will have to submit a separate Adjustment of status packet for each.Send a copy of your form I-864 (Affidavit of Support) with each packet.

Attorney Immigration Miami
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Attorney Immigration Miami
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Attorney Immigration Miami
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Attorney Immigration Miami
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