Collins avenue Miami

Collins avenue Miami was named in honor of John Stiles Collins (1837-1928), he moved to south Florida from New Jersey and attempted to grow coconut trees on Miami Beach.
He became a land developer and with the help of his family opened the Miami Beach Improvement Company in 1911 one of his creations was the Collins bridge,today Venetian causeway.
Collins and his family became very wealthy with the development of Miami Beach.
Long ago Miami Beach was first developing a new road Collins Avenue that was to be carved out parallel to the beach.
The road wandered north alongside fine mansions set in oceanfront estates.
Today Collins Avenue Miami is the main artery of Miami Beach stretching almost to the Broward County line.
There is so much to see while going up numbered streets from 1st to 192nd.
Collins Avenue Miami is usually filled with cars even on non busy days because it is the path most people use to get anywhere they need to be.
Collins avenue is the biggest avenue in all of Miami Beach and because of that it is known and used by everyone.
Walking down Collins avenue there is much to experience,the streets,the shops,the people and the beautifully designed buildings.
There is many places to go, so many places to see.

Some Important Restaurants On Collins Avenue Miami

Great view of an infinity pool and the Atlantic Ocean make this outdoor restaurant setting a great place to dine.

Big Pink
Big amounts of comfort food.

Blue Door
Wonderful cuisine is served in a elegant setting.

Bond Street
Slick, trendy restaurant with a relaxed, lounge-like vibe.

Club Tropigala
This supper club is located inside the elegant Fontainebleau Hilton Resort.

The menu features Creole and New Orleans cusine.

Fairwind Cafe
A tropical sidewalk bar.

An intimate dining setting.

Jerry's Famous Deli
A typical American restaurant landscape with excellent food.

American contemporary cuisine.

A relaxed and inviting rhythm of a kitchen's open counter.

Nobu Matsuhisa's cutting-edge Japanese cuisine.

Outback Steakhouse
Laidback American food.

American/New World cuisine served in an elegant atmosphere.

Puerto Sagua
A Miami style neighborhood coffee-shop.

Senor Frogs
Tasty Mexican food live bands and cheap beer.

Shoji Sushi
Authentic Japanese cuisine with outstanding service.

The restaurant is themed after the 1972 Miami Dolphins' "Perfect Season".

Social at the Sagamore
Enjoy a great menu among a stunning collection of contemporary art.

Located in front of the Impala Hotel the Spiga has an intimate atmosphere.

Sushi Rock
An atmosphere of rock and sushi.

Northern Italian cuisine.

Some Important Hotels on Collins Avenue Miami

Aqua Hotel
(305) 538-4361
1530 Collins Ave

Atlantica Hotel and Suites
(305) 532-7077
321 Collins Ave

Beach Club Catalina
(305) 674-1160
1732 Collins Ave

Beachcomber Hotel
(305) 531-3755
1340 Collins Ave

Blue Moon Hotel
(305) 673-2262
944 Collins Ave

Brigham Gardens Guest House
(305) 531-1331
1401 Collins Ave

Chesterfield Hotel
(305) 531-5831
855 Collins Ave

Claremont Hotel
(305) 538-4661
1700 Collins Ave

(305) 672-2000
1685 Collins Ave

Delores Guesthouse
(305) 673-0800
1420 Collins Ave

Dorchester Hotel
(305) 531-5745
1850 Collins Avenue

(305) 532-7715
1717 Collins Ave

Essex House Hotel
(305) 534-2700
1001 Collins Ave

Fairfax Apts & Hotel
(305) 538-3838
1776 Collins Ave

Franklin Hotel South Beach
(305) 531-5541
860 Collins Ave

Haddon Hall Hotel South Beach
(305) 531-1251
1500 Collins Ave

Henrosa Hotel
(305) 534-2156
1435 Collins Ave

Hotel Leon
(305) 673-3767
841 Collins Ave

Hotel Nash
(305) 674-7800
1120 Collins Ave

Impala Hotel
(305) 673-2021
1228 Collins Ave

Kent Hotel
(305) 604-5068
1225 Collins Ave

La Flora Hotel
(305) 531-3406
1238 Collins Ave

Lily Guest House
(305) 535-9900
835 Collins Ave

Loews Miami Beach Hotel
(305) 604-1601
1601 Collins Ave

Loft Hotel
(305) 534-2244
952 Collins Ave

Lorraine Hotel
(305) 538-7721
2601 Collins Ave

Marlin Hotel
(305) 604-5063
1200 Collins Ave

Marseilles Hotel
(305) 538-5711
1741 Collins Ave

Mercury Hotel
(305) 398-3000
100 Collins Ave

Nassau Suites Hotel
(305) 532-0043
1414 Collins Ave

National Hotel
(305) 532-2311
1677 Collins Ave

Palmer House
(305) 534-2934
1119 Collins Ave

Parisian Hotel
(305) 538-7464
1510 Collins Ave

Penguin Hotel
(305) 534-9334
1423 Collins Ave

The President Hotel
(305) 538-2882
1423 Collins Ave

Princess Ann Hotel
(305) 534-2196
920 Collins Ave

Raleigh Miami Beach
(305) 534-6300
1775 Collins Ave

Riande Continental South Beach
(305) 531-3503
1825 Collins Ave

Richmond Hotel
(305) 538-2331
1757 Collins Ave

Riu Florida Beach Hotel
(305) 673-5333
3101 Collins Ave

Royal Palm Crowne Plaza Resort
(305) 604-5700
1545 Collins Ave

The Sagamore - A Thompson Hotel
(305) 535-8088
1671 Collins Ave

San Juan Hotel
(305) 538-7531
1680 Collins Ave

Seville Beach Hotel
(305) 532-2511
2901 Collins Ave

Shelborne Beach Resort
(305) 531-8416
1801 Collins Ave

Shelley Hotel
(305) 531-3341
844 Collins Ave

Sherbrooke Hotel
(305) 532-4904
901 Collins Ave

Shore Club
(305) 695-3100
1901 Collins Ave

South Beach Plaza Hotel
(305) 531-6421
1401 Collins Ave

South Seas Hotel
(305) 538-1411
1751 Collins Ave

Suites of Dorchester
(305) 531-5745
1850 Collins Ave

The Creek
(305) 538-1951
2360 Collins Ave

Traymore Hotel
(305) 534-7111
2445 Collins Ave

Tropics Hotel
(305) 531-0361
1550 Collins Ave

Villa Paradiso
(305) 532-0616
1415 Collins Ave

Viscay Hotel and Suites
(305) 534-9678
960 Collins Ave


Collins avenue Miami
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