Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami by Ed Melo

Downtown Miami skyscrapers compete for attention with one being bigger than the other.
Downtown has many department stores, shopping here is a must for the tourists.
Be careful with some electronics stores where the price of the product depends on the face of the costumer, they try to sell their products for twice, sometimes, three times the average price, taking advantage of the tourists.
Research the price of your electronics before you go to downtown.

Downtown's diversity inspires dining delights in a variety of culinary styles.
Here you find all kinds of restaurants and all kinds of food from all over the world.

Downtown is also the central business district of Miami-Dade County.
You find offices of many big companies and banks here.
Interesting places in downtown are:
The Carnival Center for the Performing Arts, the Bay side Marketplace and the American Airlines Arena.

Brickell Avenue/Biscayne Boulevard is the main north-south road in the downtown area, and Flagler Street is the main east-west road.
Downtown is divided into different areas separated by the Miami River:
The government and shopping district on the north of the river and the Brickell Financial District on the south.
Public Transportation in downtown is used more than in any other part of Miami.
Here you can find a bus to pretty much anywhere in the county.

The Metro mover train system runs 3 lines through downtown, and the Metro rail, Dade County's heavy rail system, makes 3 stops in the downtown area.

The Freedom Tower located in downtown Miami is where the countless Cuban refugees were processed and began their new lives in the United States.
Today it is a museum and a tribute to the many hardships of the Cuban people and their desire to flee a Communist Cuba.
The Cuban people contributed big time to the face of Miami.

People driving into downtown should learn how the street system works to avoid getting lost.
Flagler street divides north and south, and Miami avenue divides east and west a lot of people get lost because they don't know the basics.
Miami is in the midst of a major building explosion (as you can see in the picture), one that will bring thousands of new people to live in the downtown area.
The City of Miami is trying to remake its business district into a place where people live, shop and play instead of just coming and going from work.
Don't come here too late because downtown Miami streets at night are dark and deserted.
Many residents, environmentalists and even developers believe that the growth has been too rapid to contain all of these new residents.
They say that buildings are going up without adequate mass transit, parking and water systems or a workable street grid.
So far, they had built condos but aren't being built accompanied by places like restaurants, grocery stores and dry cleaners.
Developers say the demand is there.
Many of the condominiums under construction are expected to be bought up by foreigners as investments or second homes in the sun.

By Wing Melo

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