Fontainebleau Resort Miami

Fontainebleau Resort Miami Today

Fontainebleau Resort Miami 1954

Fontainebleau Resort Miami today is being remodeled.

This hotel has enjoyed the stay of movie stars,presidents and jet-setters.
Hollywood has used it's luxurious tropical grounds in many films, including James Bond's Goldfinger and Jerry Lewis' The Bellboy and also The Bodyguard.

Established in 1954 when families drove to Florida in fancy cars for a winter vacation away from the frozen north.
Named after a celebrated chateau in a forest near Paris.
The Fountainebleau's decor is in classic elegance and is being remodeled to look like it looked in it's glory days but with a more 21st century style.

The hotel's owner Jeffrey Soffer wants more Vegas-style entertainment with popular celebrity chefs and hopes it wont be like any other resort.


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