Miami Art Center South Florida

Art Center South Florida

Miami Art Center South Florida
924 Lincoln Road, Suite 205

The Art Center South Florida was built in 1984.
It is seen as an entry point into the art world for many people.
The Art Center takes all of its programs very seriously.
It is the community preoccupation and the purity of the Art Center's programs that authorize the ACSF as a major cultural institution.
This Center is a non-profit exhibition.
A monthly exhibition schedule allows for ACSF to be up to date in the latest trends.
The Art Center exhibitions primarily focus on contemporary media, current aesthetic issues, contextual linkages, and community awareness.
Art classes are taught in a wide range of media at differing skill levels.
Going anywhere from Lecture Series to Children's Workshops this center truly does have something for everyone.
Residencies are bestowed to artists that have not had the good fortune to uncover their work to a wide audience.
Besides subsidized studio spaces, programming psyched towards career progression puts the Art Center Artists in direct contact with some of the most pronounced Curators, Gallerists, and Collectors in South Florida.
The Center holds lecture series that talk about individual artists, movements, and critical theory.
Lectures are on Fridays from 7 – 9 pm, $20 per person.


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