Miami Immigration Interview

Miami Immigration Interview
The final step in obtaining your green card is to attend an interview with a USCIS official.

The government sees the interview as its opportunity to confirm the contents of your application and test if your marriage is real or a sham.

Your spouse will be required to attend the interview with you.
A few applicants may also be asked to attend a fraud interview when the USCIS has suspicions that your marriage is not real.
Prepare all the forms and documents in advance.
Review all your paperwork you and your spouse together.
Spend some time with your spouse reviewing the facts surrounding your relationship, like where you met, how your relationship developed and when and why you decided to get married, recall what occurred at your wedding and how you settled into your marriage.
About 12 months after you submit your adjustment of status packet, they will schedule your interview in a local office.
The interviewing officer's decision rests on whether he believes you are telling the truth.
Dress for your interview neatly and professionally.
On the day of your interview,it's best to arrive early, just in case there is a line.
The officer will place you under oath and will start reviewing your forms and documents and will ask you questions identical to the ones on your forms.
He will ask how you and your spouse met and when you decided to get married.
How many people attended your wedding, what you did on your most recent birthday or night out.
Miami Immigration Interview
Back your answers with documents that show you are telling the truth.
The interview could take as little as 15 minutes, in cases the marriage is obviously real, all documents are in order and the applicant does not fall into any grounds of inadmissibility.
Officers rarely deny applicants on the spot.
If there are problems they will ask you to provide additional materials by mail within a specified time and will put your case on hold.
If everything is in order you will be approved for permanent residence or conditional residence (if you have been married for less than two years).
A stamp will be placed in your passport as evidence of your conditional or permanent residence.
Months later your green card will arrive by mail.
If you receive conditional residence, you'll have to file an application about 21 months from your approval date to change it to permanent residency.

Miami Immigration interview
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