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Miami Roofing
Contreras Roofing is a family-owned company serving South Florida for more than 25 years.
Founder Roberto Contreras Sr. started the company with one truck and two assistants, building and repairing roofs in Coral Gables, Miami and Miami Beach.
Slowly, Contreras Roofing grew through word of mouth referrals because of the company’s well-maintained service, quick response time and immaculate credit with suppliers – three attributes that hold true today.

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In its first ten years of existence, Contreras Roofing repaired and built 2,000 to 3,000 residential, commercial and heavy industry roofs in Miami-Dade County.
In 1992, when Hurricane Andrew hit, the company grew from two trucks to a fleet of five crews, one specializing in repair, tear off and carpentry, another in hot mopping and built up roof systems, and tile installation, shingle installation.
In a two-year span following the devastating storm, Contreras Roofing worked six days week, sometimes seven, to repair and replace roofs on 1,000 residential houses and 75 commercial buildings.
The crew grew from 15 to 20 roofers, including the founder’s son, Roberto Carlos Contreras Jr.

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In 1996, Contreras Roofing moved into its current base of operations in the heart of Midtown Miami.
Four years later, Roberto Sr. relinquished control to his son, who has maintained the high level of standard Contreras Roofing built over the past three decades.
Today Junior is the corporation’s president. He is assisted by family members and supervisors Francisco Contreras, Gilberto Contreras and Osvaldo Gonzalez.

The company grew again in 2005, after Hurricane Wilma hit the South Florida region, working with four crews, 11 pick-up trucks, four hot tar kettles, and state of the art equipment to perform any type of roof work.
Contreras Roofing repaired and replaced 21 commercial buildings and over 50 residential houses damaged by Wilma.
The company also opened a satellite office in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina to help in the recovery there.

Throughout this time, Contreras Roofing has maintained a stellar reputation all our creditors, suppliers, jurisdictions and clients.
We are state licensed and insured.
Miami Roofing
Contreras Roofing offers competitive prices and all estimates are free.
One of our representatives is available to help you 24 hours a day.

Miami Roofing
Contreras Roofing offers FREE estimates, roof inspections, maintenance, repairs, which include tile roofs, shingle, built up roofs, wood replacing.
New roofs, re-roofs, commercial and residential.
We also pressure wash roofs as well as paint to extend the life of the roof.
We guarranty all our work.

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Leak Detection, Repairs & Coatings
Residential - Commercial - Industrial
Serving Broward, Palm Beach & Miami-Dade

Best Quality & Service - at a fair price to you.
Extend the roof life of your property by 10 years or more.
A well maintained roof can save you $1000's in re-roof and repair expenses...Tropical Asphalt, Karnack, All-White are all top USA brands and warranteed.
Acrylic, Elastomeric, Rubberized & Asphalt Aluminum Coatings, Waterproofing.


Ed Melo and Robert ContrerasRobert Contreras Sr.

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Miami Roofing page
By Robert Contreras from Contreras Roofing

MIami roofing

This is a High-Lift dump truck at the entrance to our home base in Midtown, the heart of Miami.
Here we offer many different samples for tile, shingle, roll roofing, as well as catalogs for viewing.

MIami roofing

This High-Lift dump truck has been in our family for many years.
It allows us to be ready for any re-roof without having to wait for a roll off container to be delivered to a job site, and then waiting for it to be picked up.
It could be moved at the customers discretion making the job as smooth as possible, as well as keeping all of our job sites clean from roof debris.

MIami roofing

Our High-Lift dump truck lifts up to 20ft to aid us in easy dumping, and minimizing debris during the re-roof process.
It also allows us to deliver materials to job sites less costly and more effective.

MIami roofing

Our hot asphalt kettle is built for commercial built up roofs, repairs, and mopping tile underlayment.
It is equipped with two burners to melt asphalt quickly, and a pump that transports hot asphalt up to 40ft high for easy access on built-up commercial roofing.

MIami roofing

This is one of our most recent commercial re-roofs at a local Seafood Restaurant by the Miami River.
We at Miami Roofing - Contreras Roofing take pride in our work and strive for the satisfaction of all our customers.
All jobs are supervised by professionals who have hands on experience as well as knowledge of all existing building codes to abide by.

MIami roofing

This residential home suffered damage by Hurricane Wilma. We were hired to repair the damage and bring the roof system back to its original state.

Miami Roofing Pictures By Robert Contreras from Contreras Roofing.


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