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"Stop Wasting Time Looking For Parking. Let High-Class Valet Service Park Your Car Safely And Give You The White Glove Special Treatment You Deserve"

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Looking for parking is a waste of precious time, especially when you are exhausted after a long day of work and you want to get home and relax.

It is a nightmare when you want to take your loved one on a date and you cannot find parking.

When two people struggle for the same parking spot it creates frustration, anger, and unnecessary conflict.

Now, imagine if you could drive up to the door and leave your vehicle in the hands of experienced High-Class valets.

That would be the end of your parking dilemma.

At last, you can say goodbye to your parking problems by having High-Class Valet Service (HCVS) take care of your parking headaches for you.

HCVS is not only the best valet company in South Florida, it also is the only option when it comes to white glove exceptional service.

Miami Valet

What is High-Class White Glove Special Treatment©?

The White Glove Special Treatment© from HCVS begins immediately when residents, guests, or clients arrive on the ramp.

HCVS professionally trained valets, in their elegant uniforms, gently open the cars' doors and greet the guests with a polite, warm welcome.

With this kind of special treatment, people feel welcomed and they experience an impressive and cordial sense of arrival.

After receiving the guests on the ramp, the valets open the building doors for the guests and introduce them to the front desk personnel and tell them the reason for their visit.

This kind of introduction makes the guests feel important and respected.

Guests especially appreciate an introduction when English is not their first language.

When guests arrive with luggage or groceries, valets from HCVS assist them with their items to ensure quick and reliable delivery to their final destination.

Senior citizens and pregnant ladies really appreciate this courteous service and find it to be extremely helpful.

Also, valets from High-Class Valet Service help ladies and guests with children to place their baby-strollers inside their vehicle making it easier and faster for them to get on their way. This way, they do not have to lift the heavy weight.

Additionally, HCVS valets help people with small moves in order to get them done more quickly.

When necessary, High-Class valets will take laundry and packages upstairs to further pamper the guests making their lives more easy and comfortable.

Rain can be a nuisance, ruining hairstyles and wetting clothes.  Imagine your guests going to that important meeting or showing up to their date all wet. Valets from HCVS open umbrellas for their clients and walk them to their vehicles to make sure they will not get wet and they will look their best.

Miami Valet

Valets from HCVS follow rules and procedures to make sure residents, guests, managers, and board members are pleased with the quality of their service.

HCVS valets park their guests' cars safely and carefully with attention to the speed limits in order to avoid accidents and to obey property laws.

When they park guests' cars they make sure the doors are locked to prevent possible theft.  In addition, HCVS valets make sure the windows are completely closed to avoid rain and insects from entering the vehicles.

Moreover, High-Class valets make sure the lights inside and outside the vehicles are off so the batteries will not go dead.

Furthermore, valets from HCVS will not change the vehicle owner's personal settings (seat position, radio stations, mirrors) preventing the need to re-adjust the settings later.

Whenever residents or guests forget or need anything from inside their cars, they can call the valets from High-Class Valet Service and they will be happy to take anything they want up to their apartments.

When residents/guests need back their vehicles HCVS valets pick-up their vehicles safely and quickly so no one is late to work or school.

Residents and guests can also call for their cars in advance so when they come down their cars will be waiting for them by the front door instead of them waiting for their cars.

High-Class valets say goodbye and wishes guests a good day to show friendliness and professionalism when guests are leaving.

Miami Valet

HCVS White Glove Special Treatment© makes residents feel they have a guardian angel watching over their vehicles.

HCVS valets start residents' vehicles when they go on vacation eliminating dead batteries and costly repairs upon returning home.

Thanks to this special service, residents are able to use their cars right away.

If by chance a person has a dead car battery, the valets from HCVS help jump start cars so guests can get on their way without any further delays.

Hurricane preparedness plans are developed by HCVS managers to prevent or diminish the possibility of damage and property loss. Above all, to provide peace of mind to vehicle owners.

Managers from HCVS also plan for bad weather and small floods to protect cars and make guests happy.

Whenever High-Class valets see suspicious people in the garage or parking lot, they immediately call security in order to prevent theft and to protect people's property.

Miami Valet

unique examples of White Glove Special Treatment©.

Taking people to the airport to make sure they will not miss their flight.

Taking cars for

  • Car wash/detailing;
  • Tank fill-up;
  • Oil change; and
  • Small repairs.

These are more examples of White Glove Special Treatment that are convenient and prevent people from wasting their time waiting in line.

Upon request, Valets from HCVS will gladly fill up vehicle's reservoir with windshield washer fluid to make sure guests have a clear vision through the glass in order to prevent accidents.

Valets from High-Class Valet Service also shine the top of their guests' dashboards with ArmorAll Ultra Shine Protectant Wipes to protect their dashboards from the sun and to keep it looking new.

Throwing out the garbage from inside guests' cars (coffee cups, soda cans, and bottles) is another illustration of White Glove Special treatment.

HCVS valets help keep cars clean inside.

Before guests go out for some drinks with their friends, they can request a driver from HCVS, to make sure they return home safely.

Or if they prefer, an HCVS valet can call a taxi for them.

Miami Valet

HCVS valets are helpful, friendly, polite, professional, and they have a great attitude. All that to make sure residents and guests have a great experience.

You can impress your family, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, co-workers, residents, guests, and customers by having High-Class Valet Service at your property.

Valets from High-Class Valet Service have excellent driving records and clean backgrounds for your peace of mind.

They wear elegant and clean uniforms to show professionalism, to make a good first impression, and to attract more clients to your business.

Since some guests are not able to speak English, most HCVS valets speak at least two languages in order to better help guests with their needs.

Many times High-Class valets translate questions and concerns from guests to front desk attendants, maintenance personnel, and property managers.

Knowing how to drive cars with a manual transmission, and luxury cars such as, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Maclaren, Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley is a must for a valet from HCVS. As a result,  they provide peace of mind to the owners of those vehicles.

Every HCVS valet has to undergo a 90 day training period and pass an exam in order to get a High-Class Valet Service Diploma.

Valets from HCVS are by far the best valets in South Florida, and they are the only ones that provide High-Class White Glove Special Treatment.

Respecting and following instructions from board members and management is a strong characteristic of High-Class valets.

In order to increase the value of the property, HCVS valets also clean and organize the ramp to create a good first impression when residents and guests arrive.

Furthermore, they provide directions to airports, malls, movies, shops, and markets to make it easier and faster for people to get to their destination.

Moreover, they help guests input their destination on their GPS to make it easier and faster for people to get there.

These services are greatly appreciated by tourists that do not know the area well.

Finally, HCVS valets direct traffic to prevent traffic jams on the ramp, parking lot, or garage.

Miami Valet

Miami Valet
Schedule a 15 minute in person meeting now with a HCVS manager for a FREE estimate.

High-Class Valet Service offers assistance to

  • condominiums, hotels,
  • restaurants, bars, night clubs,
  • hospitals, event venues,
  • airports, malls,
  • casinos, colleges,
  • private parties, weddings, birthday parties,
  • offices, and churches.

Now that you have a better idea of what exceptional customer service is and how HCVS valets can

  • increase the value of your property,
  • attract more guests to your venue, and
  • increase the profits of you business,

schedule a 15 minute meeting in your property to discuss how High-Class Valet Service can solve your parking troubles.

This is Ed Melo, Main Manager of HCVS.

Mr. Melo has trained hundreds of valets in the art of White Glove Special Treatment©.

Send him a message now requesting an in person FREE parking assessment.

Please, include your name, address of the location where the free quote is going to be performed, phone number, email, date, and time you want the parking appraisal to be performed.

Request a FREE in person parking evaluation now. Do not procrastinate. The best way to get something done is to begin.

HCVS also offers valet training and parking consulting to all states in the U.S. and to a few countries in the world.

Life rewards decisive action. Take action now.

At last, you are going to say goodbye to your parking problems and add one more touch of luxury to your property.

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