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Miami Web Design
Since 1997, SiteSell has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses outperform larger competitors.
Site Build It! ("SBI!") is all about you starting and building a small business online.
SBI! includes clear step-by-step video instruction (or written, if you prefer) and all the tools needed to enable you to accomplish much more than merely put up yet another site or blog.
SBI! owners have outclassed larger competitors for years.
They've done it at a small fraction of the cost.
Miami Web Design.

"Why Build a Site or Blog
When You Could Build a Business?"

A site or blog is not a business.
It is just a site or blog.
And there are hundreds of faster ways to put up a site or blog than SBI!. But...
SBI! owners build businesses, not mere sites or blogs.
SBI! owners build businesses with the equity that comes from steady growth in income.
SBI! owners ("SBIers") are "The Anti-GetRichQuick.
" They know that building a real business that lasts is not about "getting a site or blog up, cheap-quick-&-easy."
SBIers focus upon building genuine businesses, ones that deliver evergrowing profits and freedom for the rest of their lives.
Whatever the nature of their business and level of "Net-savviness," they succeed.
And they do it without spending thousands of dollars on add-on tools, subscriptions, designers, Webmasters and Search Engine experts.
Miami Web Design

SBI! sites work. They succeed. Top 1% to Top 3%
They become profitable businesses.

Top 1-3%
Traffic Building Results
1,000 randomly selected Site Build It! ("SBI!") sites were studied.
At the time, there were over 56 million sites on the Web (the total number of sites is now already over 100 million!).
All statistics are according to, a leading Net demographic firm, and according to, the leading traffic-measurement company.
Netcraft tracks the Web hosting industry intensively.
Alexa is owned by and is powered by Microsoft -- it measures traffic popularity based on 10 million surfers.

Summary of Results

35% of SBI! sites ranked in the top 1% of all sites (i.e., higher than 99% of all sites on the Web).
53% were in the top 2%
62% scored in the top 3%

Each time this study is conducted, SBI! owners rank higher against other sites despite the increased "competition" from far more Web sites.
Today, a greater percentage than ever of SBI! sites make it into the Top 1%.
No other service or software proves success.
They would if they could.

Miami Web Design.
Many SBIers started with the same feeling, with zero-knowledge.
SBI! breaks it down, step-by-step. SBI! is perfect for those without any e-business or Net-marketing experience.
It is also ideal for the "savvy-but-yet-to-succeed."
SBI! corrects bad habits and refocuses on "build a business," keeping you on the straight and narrow to serious, long-term goals.
Visualize yourself in an impersonal place where you get cheap hosting ($100 per year), a domain ($10 per year) and software (a sitebuilder or Wordpress) to build a site or blog.
You don't know it yet, but you won't get many visitors because no one guides you through the proper process.
Only SBI! handles it all for you. So you focus on what you should... building your business.
We care about your success. Your success is our business.
Build your freedom and independence.

Miami Web Design

I want to know more about SBI!

Why Build Just a Web Site?
Build a Web Business

Miami Web Design
SBI! owners outperform major competitors and build genuine, profitable businesses.
You, too, can succeed beyond all others.
No matter how long and hard you search and read, on this site or off, you will realize that nothing delights like SBI!.
Nothing like it even exists.
Standard, old-fashioned Web hosting services (ex., 1&1, Yahoo!, Verio, AOL) provide you with disk space to park a Web site, "quick and cheap", just sitting there.
And that is all you ever have, a lonely, unvisited Web site.
On the other hand, SBI! delivers Top 1% to Top 3% results.
SBI! builds a site that works.
SBI! delivers the success of a thriving business.
No matter who you are or what you want, you can Site Build It!.
SBI! assumes you know nothing about building an online business (and yet, it is invaluable for the advanced Webmaster, too).
It provides everything you need.
No matter how "new" you may be to the online business world, after you complete the steps outlined in the day by day Action Guide you will have more than just the skills to build a Web site, you will have more than a growing online business. And you will continue to grow your business and your profits.
Your way. Your control. Your time.
You will not read insulting words like "Get-Rich-Quick"No false promises like "fast and easy."
In fact, SBI! owners are "The Anti-GetRichQuick."
It is all do-able. It is all good and right, logical, natural and powerful.
Miami Web Design
You do not need to be Net-marketing savvy, nor do you need to be brilliant or technically-minded.
No HTML, FTP, CGI, graphic or programming skills needed (although SBI! is compatible with FrontPage, DreamWeaver, GoLive, CSS, JS, Flash, anything you care to throw at it if you are more technically inclined).
Building a REAL business takes some work, yes.
SBI! reduces that by 90% because it handles all the tedious, difficult and technical barriers.
But you still have to bring BAM ("Brain And Motivation").

Take The 2 Minute SBI!. Video Shortcut.

This is what SBI! is ALL about. SBIers are winners.
They change their lives. They thrive.
Sometimes, pictures are worth a million words.


Miami Web Design
SBI! Owners Explain in Their Own Videos
How It Changed Their Lives.
Watch how SBI! Owners Turned Their Passions Into Income.
Thousands of people have turned their knowledge and interests into income using the powerful but easy-to-use traffic-building tools of Site Build It!.
All you need is your brain and motivation ("BAM").
See Why Small Business Owners
Love Using SBI! to Build Their Businesses Online
Building a REAL business takes some work. That is a reality of life.
There is no such thing as "Get Rich Quick."
SBI! reduces the work by 90% because it handles all the tedious, difficult, and technical barriers.
This allows small businesses owners to focus on what they love and what they do best.
Quit Your Day Job and Obtain Financial Freedom.
These People Did!
Why Work-From-Home Moms, Dads, And Entrepreneurs Love SBI!
Retirees Absolutely Love SBI!
So Why Do So Many People Love Site Build It!?

More Testimonials.

Miami Web Design
There are zillions of folks looking desperately for a way to make money online.
People still don't realize that their hobbies and life skills can generate a solid income on the Web.
Turn Your Knowledge Into Revenue
Become an "information entrepreneur." An "infopreneur."
Basically... monetize what you know.

Learn How To Become A Infopreneur.

Build A Web Site That Works.
Let's view C T P M, the proven way to build any business online.
Content, Traffic, PREsell and Monetize.
C T P M makes sense. It's natural. It works.

Learn About C T P M.

Miami Web Design
Work From Home
Just about everyone's dream is a job that they can do at home.
No commute, no bosses, and a chance to work in your PJ.
72% of American households are thinking about starting a home-based business.
Use the Web to Build Something Real.

Learn How To Work From Home.

Miami Web Design
Web Hosting
Site Build It! blows away old-fashioned Web hosting.
Any Web host can provide space, bandwidth and 99.9% uptime, but how many of them can help you build a successful business?
Web Hosting Is More Than Just Bandwidth
It's About Success -- Your Success!
Is your goal to build a profitable Web business, or do you want to just "put up a site"?
How do you make your site stand out and be found at Google and the other Search Engines?
Old-fashioned Web hosting companies provide storage space on a hard disk and the necessary bandwidth.
They may even throw in a few tools.
Their goal is to sell you on the idea of putting up a Web site cheap, quick and easy.
Then you spend the next years (and plenty more dollars) struggling to get found by the Search Engines.
Does It Make A Difference Where You Host Your Site?
Your success does not lie in the host.
It's in the process and tools.
It's in your understanding how to succeed, and then executing.
It matters how your Web site is hosted, not where.
SiteSell offers you Site Build It! ("SBI!"), Web hosting that works.
And the proof, as they say, is in the pudding...
SBI! Does More Than Host Your Site...
It Builds Your Business
Miami Web Design

Learn More About Web Hosting.

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Now you are convinced that SBI! really is the best next step to a successful Web business.
This is a life-changing purchase.
Click here to buy SBI! 2.0 Now.

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