Normandy Village Farmers Market Miami

Normandy Village Farmers Market Miami
Location: 71st Street at the Normandy Isle Fountain, along the Rue Vendome

Dates: Every Saturday

Hours: Saturday 8am to 6pm

The Normandy Village Marketplace is a great stop for families and local residents who are avoiding the tourist hustle and bustle in South Beach.

In 1998 the Normandy Village Marketplace was developed in a neighborhood that was seeking creative ways to revitalize the local economy and gather a sense of community by offering unique and special products and events.
The Normandy Village Marketplace presents music and cultural arts and an eclectic mix of vendors representing the ethnic and cultural diversity of the neighborhood.
Plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, clothing,jewelry and much more are available at this distinctive market.
It is in a unique location at the foot of the historic Normandy Isle Fountain, and just blocks from the beach.


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