South Beach Miami

Where is South Beach Miami?
Where does it start and where does it end?
That's what I asked my friends the other day.
One said South Beach starts on 5th and it ends on Lincoln Road,the other said it starts on First street and it ends on 17th street (that's what most people think).
Officially South Beach starts on First street and it ends on 23rd street.
South Beach Miami is a section of Miami Beach that has its first southernmost 23 blocks in the island that separates the Atlantic Ocean from Biscayne Bay.
That area was the first section of Miami Beach to be developed.
Today, the South Beach section of Miami Beach is very popular with both American and international tourists for its hundreds of nightclubs, restaurants and ocean front hotels.
The large number of European tourists explains South Beach's tolerance of topless sunbathing, even though being in a public beach.
Another unique thing about South Beach is the colorful and unique lifeguard stands, almost every other stand has different colors and designs, still used today by South Beach's lifeguards.
During the day the beaches are full of people, South Beach is known for its excellent warm and sunny weather.
Tourists and locals all getting tans and having parties on the beach.
The Hotels with pools get overflowed with people having their own little party with friends and family.
South Beach Miami is also a good place to dine and shop with many famous 5 star restaurants and classy shops.

We have all types of food Italian, French, Mexican, Chinese, Brazilian and much more.
The clothing style is so different, you always can find someone with bathing suites on and anything short and comfortable to help keep cool from the weather.
There is always something exiting going on here.
People from all over the world live here and you can find out about many different cultures.
South Beach has 13 principal Roads and Avenues running north-south, which, from the Biscayne Bay side, are Bay Road, West Avenue, Alton Road, Lennox Avenue, Michigan Avenue, Jefferson Avenue, Meridian Avenue, Euclid Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, Drexel Avenue, Washington Avenue, Collins Avenue, and Ocean Drive, but the most known are Washington Avenue, Alton Road Collins Avenue, Española Way, Lincoln Road and Ocean Drive.
South Beach has a very active club and bar scene.
It is has over 150 clubs and other places to party, most of which close at 5 am.
South Beach can be very expensive, and going to nightclubs is often hard for tourists who don't have connections, or do not plan or make reservations.
Going to the popular nightspots can cost from $20-60 for entry (depending on the event ) and sometimes you have to wait for many hours before being allowed in, in addition to evaluation by door staff.
South Beach is a place for fun and parties, at night you can find hundreds of people in the streets looking for the next club to go to.
The streets are full of posters and advertisement for new clubs and concerts.
On some holidays and special events the roads are packed with heavy traffic and almost impossible to find parking.
It becomes very noisy and you can hear music blasting from inside buildings and others cars.
Everything is very mixed you can see many homeless while at the same time wealthy people in big expensive cars all in one block.
Nightlife in South Beach is ever-changing.
Clubs constantly change their image, name, and owner, so it is difficult to state at any given time which clubs are popular.
The average club is only open for about a season or less.
Recently, the local government has been taking steps to prevent these short-lived venues from establishing themselves at all.

South Beach Miami
By Wing Melo

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